Drag Lake Sailing Regatta 2013

There were more than a dozen sailboats entered in the Drag Lake Sailing Regatta held on Sunday June 30, 2013 just off of the Sand Point beach on Drag Lake in the Haliburton Highlands of Ontario, Canada.

This video playlist consists of 21 videos, 19 of which are under a minute long with only 2 being more than a minute long, (but under 2 minutes).

All videos have background music edited in afterwards that is being supplied by YouTube.

The videos were taken by myself, (using a very basic digital camera set on video clip mode), from a vantage point in our family fiberglass speed boat anchored near the Sand Point beach on Drag Lake.

The following race results are courtesy of the
Drag & Spruce Lakes Property Owners Association:

This years regatta, held on June 30th had 14 racers with overcast skies and 6-8 knots of wind.

With a few new participants and a steady breeze, we were able to complete two circuits of the shortened course and everyone managed to finish in under an hour.

Our new champion for this year was John Alton on a Laser with second going to Gord Munn and Mary-Ella Magill on a Wayfarer.

Third place went to last years’ champion – Jim Johnson on a laser.

Here are the remaining results:

Wilkes, John
Laser II

Tom Platt and Rhonda Jordan
Hobie 16

McNair, Rod/Nancy

Platt, Greg
Hobie 18

Logan and Dustyn
Laser II

Sue Bell,
CL 14

Morgan, Huw

Les Gondar

Freeman, Bruce

Cresswell, Geoff

Morrison, Rob

Anyone interested in being included on the Drag Lake Sailing List please email to h.greg.platt@gmail.com



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